Happy Thanksgiving from UAB!

For your enjoyment on this very American holiday, a Foreign Service Thanksgiving round-up of stories and recipes from the community.


Thanksgiving Stories

Epic Thanksgiving Post. Improvising dinner overseas from Like Nomads but With More Stuff.

Incorporating Your Host Country into Your Thanksgiving Dinner a round-up from The New Diplomat’s Wife.

A Kuala Lumpur Friendsgiving from In Search of the End of the Sidewalk

The Pie is Cooling. First “normal” Thanksgiving overseas from The Dinoia Family.

Thanksgiving, 1972. Then and now from Well That Was Different.

Thanksgiving in Belgrade from Kitchen Cables.

Favorite Recipes and Menus

It’s Called Dressing Unless it’s in a Bird from the Expat Chef.

Thanksgiving 2013 (with a mezcal theme) from Cupcake Diplomacy.

A Thanksgiving Recipe (Mom’s cranberry sauce) from The Dispatch.

The Thanksgiving Finale (table setting and menu) from the New Diplomat’s Wife.

Pecan Pie is the Only Pie for Me from the Expat Chef.

We’d like to hear your stories of the holiday season abroad. Current blog posts or past “greatest hits” are both fine. Enjoy your turkey, and don’t forget to send us your stuff!

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