It’s Our Blogoversary, Y’all!

typewriter_smallerWell, sort of. Unaccompanied Baggage was launched about two months ago. Since then, we’ve had well over 9,000 visitors and welcomed well over 200 followers on WordPress, Facebook and Twitter.  Thanks to all of you for your interest in this project!  We’re really enjoying it and will continue to highlight the best of Foreign Service blog commentary for your reading pleasure. And please, send us your stuff!

We recently realized that we forgot to formally introduce ourselves. UAB is a collaborative project managed by four State Department Eligible Family Member bloggers.

Zoe Cabaniss Friloux’s family circus began its world tour in 2007. She enjoys reading, horses, photography, gardening and a good grammar debate (as all semi-retired journalists do). She blogs at

Kelly Bembry Midura has been a Foreign Service spouse for longer than she cares to contemplate, with seven tours in Latin America, Africa, and Europe. Currently headed to Warsaw, Poland, she blogs about her adventures (and more) at

Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel entered the craziness of Foreign Service life when her son was born so she had to learn two life-changing jobs at once—FS spouse and new mother. Six years and another kid later, she now speaks almost fluent “government lingo” which has helped her navigate posts in Brazil and Austria and soon Mongolia. She blogs at

Jen Kirk Dinoia began globetrotting with her family when her 16 year old daughter was only three weeks old. Currently in Central America, tours have also taken them to South America, Europe, and several Stateside locales. With three children, and the constant moves, life is never dull. Jen enjoys reading, writing, running, and a good cup of coffee wherever her husband’s job takes her. She blogs about her family’s crazy lifestyle at

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