About Those Hardship Differentials

Salary differentials at hardship posts range from zero to 35%. You can look them up here.

What do you think of your post’s differential? Does it accurately reflect hardship in relation to other posts worldwide? Does the definition of “hardship” vary by region? Is one region’s 20% equivalent to another region’s 20%?

Hardship posts will always be with us.

Hardship posts will always be with us.

Email us your comments at fsbaggage@gmail.com or reply to this post. You can even send us a full commentary to publish with credit or anonymously. See our guidelines. Or, if you have already written about this topic on your own blog, send us a reblog request here.

A summary of commentary on this topic will be published in a couple of weeks. We look forward to hearing from you!

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1 Response to About Those Hardship Differentials

  1. I would come at this from a slightly different angle: Do the Department’s hardship differentials reasonably compensate for actual levels of hardship? Not flat-out stating that this has happened (although I’m entitled to my suspicions), but the Department can depress differentials across the board without necessarily significantly affecting the relationship *among* the various differentials.


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