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typewriterWelcome to Unaccompanied Baggage, a collection of Foreign Service commentary! You’ll notice that all our posts right now are reblogs, but we hope that you will contact us with your original commentaries to post on this site, either with author credit or anonymously. We are open to just about any topic, but read our guidelines first, please.

If you have a commentary you’d like to submit, please email Zoe Cabaniss Friloux, our managing editor, with your post (or query) at

If you have posted a commentary on your own blog that you would like us to feature here, send a message to Kelly Bembry Midura, our webmaster and reblogger, on this page.

Jen Kirk Dinoia administrates our Facebook page and Nicole Schaefer-McDaniel assists with editing site content.


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One Response to Got Something to Say?

  1. Kelly says:

    Posted on behalf of Susan Johnson:

    Great initiative and I hope it works out as you envision and more. The FS needs to cultivate and grows its own rich, diverse and multidimensional identity and purpose as a special cadre of professional people, and their families including the four-footed or winged varieties in diplomatic service for the USA. That identity has been blurred in the last two decades, to the point where expressing rightful pride in the Foreign Service and in being part of it is too often labeled “offensive” to others. That notion is nonsense and needs to be pushed back. Some think that the FS is “dead”. I prefer to see it like a Phoenix, able to rise again and soar if its members want that and can act collectively.


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